"ME-HE-CO" I have so much respect for Hispanic Culture. So much so sometimes my friends jokingly say I could be Hispanic. Side note: I always thought I was but…Ancestry DNA flushed that speculation right now the drain (lol). Anyway, while I was deployed to Kuwait in 2015-2016, the MWR would organize and promote Latin nights … Continue reading ME-HE-CO


"LABELS" Friendships/relationships, Girlfriends/Boyfriends, Fiance, and Husband/Wife…all labels. In my opinion, labels breed expectations within any relationship. I believe in only three labels that have one common factor: Monogamy. Those three labels are girlfriend/boyfriend, fiancé, and husband/wife. Reason being is if you plan to make someone your girlfriend/boyfriend, you see the potential for marriage. And as … Continue reading “LABELS”