Could you image…the world without women? No mothers. No daughters. No sisters. No queens. No princesses. No babies. No life. I find it very hard to believe that a world without women even exists.

I love being a woman. Proud to be in my skin and hold so much power, yet to be released. Nevertheless, we as women, black women in particular, come with our own trials and tribulations. Yet, we are better women for it.

I find that even though I have so much to prove to world, I have more to prove to myself. Someone can only doubt me ONCE before my success cast shadows on their ignorance. My fierce, motivating, and overarching self-confidence should not only consume my being but also resonate with others…women to be specific.

We as women should always lift each other because we are one and the same. Our sex bonds us from the get go. Our crowns, wether big are small, hold the same weight.


Supporting my sisters is something I strive to do every day. It is one of the main reasons I created this initiative and branched it into a blog. Women relate to the personal. We want to see and feel that there are women out there going through the same things and that we are not alone.

Know this. I will fix your crown until there is nothing left. And I encourage you, my sister, my mother, my daughter, and my MAN…to do the same.



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