The TWO STRAND TWIST is the natural hair style I absolutely swear by. I take the twists out and I can maintain many different hair styles over the course of days, maybe even a week, without refreshing the curls. Twist outs also allow you to manipulate your curl pattern and make for an awesome protective style (especially under wigs). You can go BIG, small, Medium or itty bitty. No matter the size, your curl will always come out flawless if you take good care of it during the drying process and ensure you twisting it correctly. I’ve created a video on my youtube channel showing you lovely FIERCESHEs how I got this look and what you can do to achieve it. I finally, FINALLY purchased some of the Mane Choice’s products and utilized the products in this video for the first time. Got check it out and tell me what you think in the comment (INFAMOUS TWO STRAND TWIST (MANE CHOICE))



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