“Double Trouble”

“Double Trouble”


IG: _NaturaLes


If I would have attempted this hairstyle a year ago, I would definitely be in trouble, double trouble. Even after 2 1/2 years of growing my hair naturally, I still struggle with expressing diversity in my curls. So, I made it my mission to try different hairstyles throughout the year (2017) to see exactly what my hair is made of.

With natural hair, you have to take care of it and show your hair so much attention, the same you would your partner 😉. If you neglect it and treat it like shit, trust me…you hair will return the favor. Getting to know my hair’s ins and outs is the best thing I could’ve done. Now its all about finding the right products for me. Because as you know, product results vary from person to person.

Take the time to get to know your hair, caress it, distress it, and mess in it. Then and only then, can you begin to expect your best growth to sprout.



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