I have been on this self love/self-healing journey for about a year now. And I swear I learn something new about myself everyday. For example, I realized I do not really like flowers that much. You are probably thinking, “Damn, okay so what? Why is your disliking flowers that significant of a self revelation.” It is significant because that one small gesture taught me so much about myself.

The reason I don’t like flowers isn’t because I don’t like the gesture of receiving them or because I don’t think they are gorgeous and can make any outfit pop. With flowers, no matter what nourishments, nutrients, water, and/or sunlight you give the roots, they will only bloom but so big and for so long. Now, while flowers are pretty and smell good in the present, they will eventually root away and lose its initial beauty. I want to savor positive and attractive things such as flowers because I want things in my life that if I wanted to, I can keep and look back on years down the road…a memory.

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Which brings me to my next revelation; I absolutely love videos and pictures. I have always sort of knew this about myself but being caught up on so much social media platforms sort of distorted my rational. I began to think I was addicted to social media but in hindsight, I just enjoyed the memories. Not just my memories, but also the snap shots of life I could witness through my friends and family’s social media platforms.

Through this discovery, I found a hobby (I’ve never had a hobby btw) that I absolutely love. And no, it is not photography (SN: People think cause they have a fancy camera, all of a sudden they are photographers (lol) but to each his own). As you may have already known, I created a Youtube channel, Leslie Latrice. I did some research on how to edit videos and what editing software to use, and WHALA, I created my first video and loaded it to my channel. But the funny thing is, I did not start this channel to gain subscribers or attempt to build a false community just to make money. I did it because I want to look back on those memories and to be remembered when I am long gone. Your brand/platform should supersede your existence and I want my name and my platforms to forever be embedded in people lives by remaining a connecting force between all different types of people and the world.

Needless to say, do not misunderstand my testament. When I say I want to be remembered, that doesn’t mean I aspire to be famous (although that would be really dope (lol)). What I mean is that I want to affect people’s lives long after I leave this earth. Whether it is just my close friend and family or the entire world, it doesn’t matter. As long as what I have done in my time on this here has positively impacted someone’s life, it’ll be a life well lived.

So I say all that to say this, continue to plant your seeds everywhere you go and create memories with people you meet. Because eventually your seeds will grow roots and blossom into the most beautiful flowers that can eventually turn the blandest of circumstances into a situation worth experiencing…memories.




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