“Dope Curlzz”

“Fierce is SHE who. . .dares to be herself!”

My very first blog feature goes to Miss Ellie Reed. I noticed her platform on Instagram (@dopecurlzz) and I wanted to know more about her message. Ellie wants people to know “that you can remain who you are in this world and still be beautiful. Not societies perception of what beauty is but your own definition of beauty. It’s dope to have your own individuality & that when you are true to yourself, you let others around you know that it’s okay for them to be themselves too.”

However, she goes on to say that “It’s so beautiful, but painful to be Black,” when asked what advice does she have for women, particularly women of color, to become comfortable in their skin. And I quote:

“We as black women are constantly told that we are lower than. There so many negative outlooks when it comes to black women. I would be lying if I told you these negative outlooks would stop, because they won’t and that’s okay.” image4
“It is not our job to try and convince others of anything. We as women of color have to know, that despite the comments, despite the ignorant comments we hear everyday and despite what society deems us…. we hold so much power. We are queens. We are beautiful without having to play into societies mold of perfection that is non existent. So despite all of the negativity, despite all the judgment … remember to always be yourself… black is and will always be beautiful.”
Ellie plans to expand her platform by doing a variety of different occupations. Ellie said, “I truly see myself being a makeup artist, doing runways and photoshoots for magazines like vogue, but I also see myself being a natural hair influencer.”
Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 11.55.03 PMName: Ellie Reed
Age: 26
Hobbies: art , reading poetry , makeup 💄
Degree: Cosmetology License
Social Media:
IG: Dopecurlzz
Twitter: el_michell
FB: Elizabeth Reed
Babes, do not hesitate to follow Miss Ellie on all her social media. Trust me. You will not regret it.

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