“S L.A.Y” {Part 1/3}

“S L.A.Y” {Part 1/3}

IMG_3919You wouldn’t believe my excitement to have finally visited the amazing city of Los Angeles is California. I happened upon this trip when I was visiting Dallas, Texas for the first time. One of my friends who is a Captain in the Army, Lela, just so happened to have booked a trip to L.A. on a four day weekend for Coachella and I asked if I could tag along. We didn’t attend Coachella because her favorite performer, Beyonce, was no longer performing. Nevertheless, she said sure did an outstanding job showing me around L.A. We went to the African American History Museum, Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles, Afropolitan, the Strip Club (🌚), Venice Beach, the Santa Monica Pier, Runyon Canon, the Boiling Crab, and of course Hollywood Boulevard. But for this bloggy blog I just want to discuss my cultural experiences on day one in the beautiful and lively city of L.A.

IMG_3917We visited the California African American (A.A) History Museum and learned so much about how music and A.A. interactions with the police have shaped A.A. behaviors and lifestyle not only in California but also throughout the country. Much similar to today’s A.A families, A.A. bonded over music during family time in their traditionally decorated living room w/ the black panther statue over the television mantel and magazines such as JET and Rolling Stones spread out across the living room table. Not only did A.A. learn about the latest tracks or newest artist but also this was where they got word about the latest news on streets, more often in relation to gun crimes or police brutality against the black community. Just goes to show you, there are levels to this ish. Police brutality and A.A family time didn’t just become a thing in this day and age. Research your history or ask some of you family about your cultural background and your people’s experiences. You would be surprised at how much history repeats itself.

Nevertheless, If you have an A.A. history museum that is in your city and haven’t visited yet, excuse my blackness, but you are DEAD ASS WRONG. Do you think the daily news or your public school history class is going to provide even semi accurate information on your cultural history…especially in America. NO. You have to do you own research and broaden your own horizons. I mean, that concept can be applied to anything in your life. Don’t wait for people to tell you about YOU or your culture. FITFO (Figure It The Fuck Out).


Moreover, it has been a long term goal of mine to learn more about my African Culture. That is why I was beyond excited to attend the Afropolitan. Afropolitan is an African and Caribbean cultural event where men and women, particular of African and Caribbean descent, can network and mix and mingle. Unfortunately, we missed the networking part due to my makeup taking FOREVER. But we made it to mix and mingle and the night was bomb. Watching the dancers in their cultural Caribbean and African Attire made me realize that even though we have been disconnected from our African culture for over 400 years, our cultural still lives through modern dance. Our Twerking or Booty poppin’ is a modern version of African dancing. Little did I know?


My hips sway this way because it just comes natural. Natural within my cultural background and I am proud of it. Proud to finally get more in tuned w/ who I am and why I do the things I do. I encourage you do your research. If you do not know your makeup, I recommend starting with your family history, take a DNA test (I did Ancestry DNA), do some scholarly research. Trust me, you probably wont learn everything, but will learn something. And that should be just enough to inspire you to keep reaching, experiencing, and learning.

S L.A.Y Fierce,

Leslie Latrice ✊🏾

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