“S L.A.Y” {Part 2/3}


“S L.A.Y” {Part 2/3}

Have you ever had trouble pulling off a sexy outfit or being seductive when it calls for it? Hmmm, I guess I never knew it could be challenging to bring out my seductive side under certain or very different circumstances. So, its safe to say my photo-shoot on Venice Beach in Los Angeles with Mr. Jonny really surprised me.


My friend Lela and I modeled in a beach photo-shoot in L.A. We were in a semi-secluded part of the beach along a gigantic rock wall. Very pretty and the weather was perfect. Not to cold but not too hot, just right. Nevertheless, this was my first bikini photo shoot and Lela and I have never modeled together before. So, I guess you could say I was curious to see ho this would turn out. But to add insult to injury, this was also my first bikini shoot with a male photographer, Mr. Jonny and I was shooting first 🙀.


So, Mr. Jonny is snapping away and instructing me at the same time. But here is the real gag (literally). He instructed me to put finger in my mouth, you know, all sexy like. LMAO!! Ya’ll, it was the most awkward position ever, EVER!! Mr. Jonny was like “Nah, that ain’t working.” LOL, SHAME! But hey he was honest but it did bring me down for a good 2 minutes. But then I got to think about when I am I the most comfortable? When I am goofing off and being silly lol. So, I asked myself “Why can’t my goofy . . . be my sexy?

I began to crack jokes, turned on some Pretty Ricky (Yea, they still rockin’ lol), and then I felt like it all began to flow. But you know what this experience made me realize? It made me realize that I am human. I used my goofiness to counter my nervousness. But the reason I was the most surprised was because I didn’t expect to be nervous. I had taken plenty of semi-sexy pictures before, but the difference was…my friends were the photographers and the shoot was a little less professional.DSC_0848Nevertheless, I say all that to say this, any change in circumstance or situation can forcefully alter your behavior or emotion, even you if you think you’ve been there and done that. Again, here is a SHEallenge (Challenge). Challenge yourself by putting yourself in uncommon situations and/or different environments. Whether that is changing your style up a bit, hanging w/ a different group of people, whatever. Just do it. Even though I have to push myself to change it up because I am very traditional person, I am a strong advocate of change. I believe difference experiences will assist you in your journey to become more comfortable in your skin and in tune with your surrounding.

Trust me, sexy wears no disguise. When you got it…you get it 😉!



👙 Forever 21

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