S L.A.Y {3/3}


For this last S L.A.Y post, I am going to elaborate on my adventures in L.A. and discuss my feelings about finally having visited this city and its many great attractions.

fullsizeoutput_3fccAfter riding our bikes about 5 miles to the Santa Monica Pier and back along with spending a total of about 8 hours on Venice Beach, we decided to check out Manhattan Beach to watch the sunset. Ya’ll, I have never seen a more beautiful sunset in my life and the cherry🍒 on top was seeing this couple on a bench over looking the ocean. SN: That is what I want one day. To feel so carefree I can just sit down with my significant other and watch the sunset with seemingly no cares in the world.

Anyway, I digress. We were supposed to go out and experience the L.A. nightlife that night but a 30 minute nap ended up turning into a 4 hour slumber (lmao). All I really wanted to do was experience L.A. night life but noooooooooooo Lela just had to fall asleep and I did not set an alarm (not my smartest decision). Anyhow, I ended linking up with a friend from high school, Broderick, that same night. It was crazy b/c I was supposed to link up with him in the club scene but as I just mentioned before . . . we didn’t make it out. We caught up and the night turned out to be just fine as we discussed politics, news, and reminisced about our high school days.


Nonetheless, the next morning it was time to concur the Runyon Canyon. I had never been “hiking” before so this was perfect for me to experience my first time in L.A. We climbed all the way to the top of the portion of the canyon overlooking the Hollywood sign. It was about a two mile hike up, but it really wasn’t that bad. After we made it to the top, we took a couple pictures and ran aaaaallll the way down. I enjoyed the scenery most of all. You don’t get views like that from back home (South Carolina).

After the cannon we cleaned up, went to the Boiling Crab 🦀 and attended of friend of Lela’s Easter Sunday dinner. Oh, did I forget to mention it was Easter? Anyway, That night I meet up with a friend and we ate dinner (pizza) and we all attended this Soul Music night where older folks jammed out to their own tunes. It was pretty cool and I actually had a guy sing to me for the first time (lol).

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The next day was the day I was looking forward to most. Touring L.A. and walking the Hollywood Walk of Fame and step on some of favorite performers or actors engraved Hollywood stars. But no only did we get the walk on the star strip but I finally got to eat at the infamous 🍟 In and Out Burger 🍔. Have you heard of this burger joint? Most people are always raving over it but to be completely honest, it wasn’t all that (haha). It was good, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t to die for (lol). This trip however, was coming to an fast and unwanted end.

I wasn’t ready to leave L.A. but best believe the next time I come, I will be networking and hitting up the most poppin’ scenes. I aspire to become a well-rounded model and potentially an actress, if the opportunity presents itself. So, I have to bring my A game the next time I set foot in Cali.

***Be sure to check out my vlog about my trip to cali. It captures majority of my written blog posts all in the videos. It’s essentially the equivalent of reading a book before you watch the movie (lol). Later babes.






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