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Let’s just take a moment to recognize how great it is to be you!! Not societies version of you, BUT YOU WHOLISTICALLY. It takes a lot to walk even in the most confident pair of shoes, let alone shoes that you’ve probably had for years that are all worn out, dirty, and exhausted. But sometimes you have go through the storm to get to the rainbow. And with that being said, let me tell you a little about how I am getting to know my true self, inside and out!


Honestly, letting go of a lot of baggage helped me realize the load I was actually carrying and lugging around everyday. So, I began unpacking my old, dirty laundry, or things/people in my life that penetrated my mind so much it that it stained and stopped my progression as a person. Then I threw that dirty laundry in the washer attempting to wash out those negative or detriment thoughts or people. If after its cycle, the stain wouldn’t come, I had to get rid of it (person/thing) all together. Moreover, upon completion of my laundry, I started to place my clean clothes and items back in their proper places. Thus, making ample space for the more positive, aspiring, and influential thoughts and people.

Does that make sense? Pretty much it took getting rid of some toxic people and things in my life, in order for me start on my journey of self discovery. Now, while it took time to weed those people and things out…eventually I knew who or what was benefitting my life and who or what was not. And from there, my suitcase was becoming empty. But that is okay. Remember, we are making room for something or someone. And to be honest, you would be surprised at how much some people in your life weigh you down. But you don’t even feel the weight, until it’s lifted off of you.


I can attest to the fact that I was trying so damn hard to get to know me. I thought I knew who I was all along. But you never TRULY know who you are until you have no one to account for but yourself. When you are laying in the bed by yourself without a care in the world. That is when you can begin to explore. Explore your mind, your body, your soul and welcome a…different beginning. Not necessarily a new one.

So, I challenge you to begin unpacking your own baggage and getting to know yourself over and over until everything is neatly placed and you can honestly say you are ready for you next adventure. Later babes!




💼 Coral Lace Pattern Mid-thigh length Dress: Charlotte Russe

💼 Nude/Beige Coral Braided 6 inch Heels: Just Fabulous

💼 White Cosmetic Pearls: Any local Beauty Store


📸 Marie brings all my creative visions to life!

I absolutely love her. Go check out her work.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/liningerroodphoto

Facebook: www.facebook.com/liningerrood


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