“Fresh Queen of the Merk”

“Fresh Queen of the Merk”

leslie-model-0012.jpgIt has been a little minute ⏱ since I wrote a fashion entry on slay blog…so here goes. I ran across these really neat dad hats from HATSNYC clothing through an ad that was posted on IG as I was strolling. I actually almost lost sight of them b/c I didn’t save the ad and forgot what the name of the site was. Nevertheless, the ad reappeared and I was able to purchase these awesome dad hats that reminded me so much of my child hood growing up.

When my mother was stationed in Germany, the only children friendly channels we could watch and/or enjoyed watching was Cartoon Network and WWE. So, Tom and Jerry, Dexter’s Laboratory, and Courage the Cowardly Dog 🐶, to name a few, were my and my siblings favorite shows to watch when we weren’t playing outside & getting sand in our hair (lol). Now, while we enjoyed these shows, it didn’t take us long after returning to the states to realize what we had missed out on due to not having television network just for kids…Nickelodeon.

Nickelodeon shows such as Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, All-That, Skeeter, Hey Arnold, Rocket Power, Rugrats, and so many more taught me so much as a kid. And I aspired to one day become a growing character on the network. Even though that aspiration did not come true, I can still watch almost every episode of any show that ever aired on Nickelodeon. Okay, maybe not every kid show but Nick at Night will do (lol). Those episodes get a little spicy 😜 (lol).

Anyway, I digress. I am not a person who has one particular style and I ofter switch it up depending on my mood or intent that day. But mainly I dress myself off of inspiration. Not what is trendy or in season. So, after purchasing the Will and Jazz dad hat, I was inspired to do a 90’s themed photoshoot. I thought it would be a great opportunity to enlightening you all on my life because I am a 90s baby 👶🏾 (lol). So you will these photos floating around a my site for a couple of blog posts!! But I am optomostic you will get to know little ole me a lot better!!



View More: http://liningerrood.pass.us/leslie-model

🏀 Will and Jazz White Dad Hat – http://www.hatsnyc.com

🏀 African Tribal Patterned American Flag Tank

🏀 Blunt-cut Dark Denim Calvin Klein Shorts – Calvin Klein Outlet Store

🏀 White Nike Sneakers – Finish Line


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