Fulani Puffs

“Fulani Puffs”

Very short, simple, and to the point post as our videos pretty much say it all!

I’ve been wearing my beautiful 3c/4a curls out a lot more often than normal. I have been natural for about 3 years now and if you watched my Youtube videos then you know I have dedicated the year of 2017 to trying different and creative natural hairstyles. With that, I asked a one of my fellow Youtube and Bloggers sisters, Miss Dorothy Abigail to do a natural hairstyles collaboration with me. And to my surprise, she was so intrigued with the Fulani Tribe and their elegant Afrocentric hairstyles, she suggested we create a video featuring two very different Fulani inspired hairstyles. And I couldn’t have been more excited. I absolutely love Dorothy and I am so glad we were able to do this before I left for deployment. No worries, we have more excitement and collabs coming your way. Check out our videos and read up on a little bit about the Fulani African Tribe while you are at it!



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