Friendships/relationships, Girlfriends/Boyfriends, Fiance, and Husband/Wife…all labels. In my opinion, labels breed expectations within any relationship. I believe in only three labels that have one common factor: Monogamy. Those three labels are girlfriend/boyfriend, fiancé, and husband/wife. Reason being is if you plan to make someone your girlfriend/boyfriend, you see the potential for marriage. And as you or your partner build and begin to pass through the label stages, responsibilities increase and expectations should be reevaluated/reestablished.

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Nevertheless, expectations can still create ample room for disappointment and potentially hurt feelings. But expectations are amazing preventative measures within your relationship, that I strongly believe if agreed upon and defined early on, can potentially decrease future arguments or negative consequences that can significantly impact your relationship and its future.

However, I found that often times in relationships, expectations are assumed instead of established prior to solidifying your relationship (label). Many times one or both partners assume the other has the same expectations of them. For example, one might assume that because you all are boyfriend and girlfriend that you both can no longer communication with friends of the opposite sex. That is huge pill to swallow let alone a huge ASSupmtion (lol get it). With that, if that assumption is proven invalid and he/she does not do what you expected of them, it may cause a little rift in your relationship that may eventually turn into a way bigger issue.


Moreover, people make mistakes, especially when expectations are assumed or aren’t really established in the first place. But regardless of identifying those do’s, don’ts, and deal breakers that you want or do not want in relationship, it is a very known fact that people tend to hurt those they love the most…the most. However, I strongly feel like if you are honest, upfront, and clear about your intentions and where you see you and your partner in the future, your relationship has the upmost potential to thrive.




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6 thoughts on “LABELS

  1. Ghostoabh says:

    Nice post. I couldn’t agree more, I think labels are good for identifying where people are head in a relationship. But damn they can be dangerous if expectations are not communicated or discussed, but simply assumed because of these labels. I think the best thing for all relationships is just the ability to communicate honestly with your partner.

    Now, focusing on your own relationship and not comparing it to others, thats a whole other problem in itself. I think this is what leads to a lot of random expectations and disagreements.


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