I have so much respect for Hispanic Culture. So much so sometimes my friends jokingly say I could be Hispanic. Side note: I always thought I was but…Ancestry DNA flushed that speculation right now the drain (lol). Anyway, while I was deployed to Kuwait in 2015-2016, the MWR would organize and promote Latin nights at least twice a month and every Wednesday the National Guard Unit from El Paso offered Latin Dancing lessons. Ya’ll know I was in there. It literally became apart of my routine and I looked forward to it b/c it was essentially a mini escape from the reality for me.


I learned how to Salsa, Bachata, and Merengue and I got the chance to show off my moves during Latin Dance Night at the OASIS. Not only that but I lllooooovvveee me some QUESO!! Gosh dag on near the best Hispanic food I have ever tasted. I could eat queso everyday if I had the opportunity (lol). Yes, I believe it is that good (lol)


Nevertheless, my deployment to Kuwait was my first time as an adult traveling outside of the country. And in doing so, I was able to learn not only about the Muslim culture in Kuwait but Latin/Hispanic Culture as well. I was so intrigued that my friend Raven and I decided to go on our first SLAY-CATION together to Cancun, Mexico.


Cancun had to be the most beautiful place I had ever seen. We were immediately greeted at the airport by vehicle and resort staff on our walk outside into what I believed to be the most amazing paradise I had every laid my physical eyes on. Our ride from the airport was about 30 minutes and we were able to enjoy the tropical scenery on our way to the Grande Caribe Hotel and Resort. Immediately after arriving we just had to book our adventures.

We scheduled jet skiing, parasailing, snorkeling, and swimming with the dolphins. Not only did we do partake in these adventures but Raven is all about “tha culture” so it was imperative we hit up some museums and historical landmarks. The Mayan culture is one I recall learning a tid bit about in elementary school but we were afforded the luxury of having a MAYAN Museum right down the road from our resort. It was absolutely breathe taking. Even though they have restrictions on flash photography and video, we were still able to capture some great moments at the museum.

With that, Raven also wanted to go to the Underwater Museum. The Underwater Museum required us to go snorkeling again in order to see the statues underwater. When I tell you this was something I would have never thought to do. And I couldn’t be more grateful Raven came along on this trip and forced me out of my comfort zone. It is truly a blessing to be able to experience such beautiful things with the people you love.



Excuse my edges. (lol)

Speaking of love, you know a girl’s best and most loved past time is…SHOPPING. There were some of the best and most expensive places to shop right at our fingertips. The Fashion Harbour was full of famous designer stores such as Gucci, Michael Kors, and Vera Wien to name a few. Now if I was ballin’ I would have definitely went inside, but the way my budget set up (Kevin Hart voice). So, we elected to do some more affordable shopping at the local mall and flea market. This gave us the opportunity to negotiate with the sellers for gifts and presents for our loved ones and also treat ourselves to a little razzle dazzle.


However, the joy of shopping wasn’t even the icing on the cake. Cancun Night Life is to die for. Words cannot explain how much fun we had! Party City is where the local bar strip is located. Here is where you can find the most Americanized music with ample of Latin musical dance and style to keep you coming back for more. And that is just what we did. We literally went out 3 of 4 nights we stayed in Cancun. If you ever go to Cancun, Mexico book the BONGO tour. You will be escorted around to 3 of the most popular clubs/bars in the strip ending at the Congo Bongo, which is like a huge bar scene with theater performances. I was absolutely amazed but completely bummed that the fun had to end.

This was my first trip out of the country on leisure and I must say Raven and I chose a great place for our SLAY-CATION! I cannot wait until our next overseas adventure. I am thinking EUROPE is our next move. Until then babes.




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