Ya’ll, your girl real life out here trying to make her dream(s) a reality. I have been saying for YYEEEAARRRSSS, “I want to visit New York one day.” Mainly because of the hype but also b/c it is high key the fashion district of the world. Earlier this year, I concurred Los Angeles and also traveled to Cancun, Mexico on SlayCation this summer (go check out those blog posts). So, when I say I am trying to network, your girl is trying to have connections in every area code. However, I did decide to take baby steps this year just to get my feet wet w/ traveling. With that, I visited Brooklyn, New York for one particular reason. MY BABY DADDY AKA FUTURE HUSBAND JERMAINE COLE (J.COLE) was performing a concert live in NEW YORK.

I know ya’ll are like, “Why did you travel all the way to N.Y. for Cole?” and I would say because I will move heaven and earth to see this man (lol). Okay, I am being real extra HAHA. But the real reason is that his FOR YOUR EYEZ ONLY concert tickets were sold out in my hometown (his 1st stop on his tour btw) and all the other dates did not fall in line with my requested leave dates (I am in the Army). Nevertheless, due to these reasons I was able to visit the BIG APPLE 🍎 and cop front row tickets to his concert.

SN: I am firm believer in being up close and personal w/ these artists if you are going to see them in concert. What is the point of being in the noise bleeder seats? Might as well watch it on TV b/c he will look like a tiny ant for your seats. #IJUSTSAYING

SO YES, I paid a pretty penny for those tickets. BUT BUT BUT, J.COLE touched my hand and hair ya’ll. I BOUGHT DIED. But next time I will be a lot calmer as we should be together by then (lmao). Anyway, I digress. J.COLE was the icing on top of the cake (last thing we did in N.Y.). We also visited Times Square, went shopping of course, and toured the area. Visited some of the local restaurants to include grabbing a huge slice of BROOKLYN style pizza (DELICIOUS). Nevertheless, one of the best highlights of this trip was spending time with close friends.


I went on this trip w/ my ex-husband. I know ya’ll are like “WWHHHAATTT?” (lol) No worries, I’ll explain my life more on a different post but my ex and I are still best friends and our all time favorite rapper is J. COLE. I couldn’t have imagined going to this concert w/ anyone else but him. Our passion for that man runs deep as hell (lol). With that, we linked up w/ some friends we knew from Kansas that we hadn’t seen in about 1 year and some change. It was like no time had passed! Picked up right where we left off.


Overall, my trip to New York for the first time was very eventful and I pray the next time I visit the city it is due to business/dream opportunities. Ya’ll watch…your girl is going to be somebody, someday. Until my next post.





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