Fierce is SHE…who presses beyond her fears to embrace her destiny.”

This FIERCE IS SHE feature goes to Miss Charnae Brown. I first noticed Miss Charnae’s platform through her blog’s Instagram @fashcharnista. Her sense of fashion and her love for self exudes right through her platform. Take a read about what Miss Charnae has to express about her and her platform’s message to women,  particularly women of color.

First, Miss Charnae has a message she wants to people to know about herself and her platform.

“I created Fashcharnista when I felt creatively stifled in my life. I was broken and needed a way to express myself in a positive way that re-established, to myself, who I was and who I was meant to be. Beyond sharing my personal fashion aesthetic, I want people to see someone fully embracing who they are and sharing it with others in hopes that they will do the same.”

201710221489582315She then goes on to say; “I would tell women of color to fully embrace their melanin aesthetic in whatever way they desire. I think we are criticized at times for the way we express ourselves and we shouldn’t let voices of people who don’t understand that stop us from having fun with how express who we are. Wear 40 inches of hair, go natural, wear make-up if you want to, don’t wear make-up if you don’t want to, or put on the crazy outfit if you want to! None of these things are hurting anybody and it is your right to explore and express yourself as you discover who you are!”

As Charnae mentioned previously her brand and platform were inspired from her need to re-establish her identity some bad experiences in her life. She then expresses how her trials and tribulations lead her to her passion for fashion. And I quote, “I had this epiphany that the things I had been through were all similar in the fact that they were meant to destroy who I was and the way I saw myself. I needed to take control of my identity. I chose to navigate this expression through fashion because it is such a large part of who I am and what I’ve used to find my voice. 

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But we all know that we must continue to grow as people. So, here is how Miss Charnae wants to continue to grow herself and her platform.

“As 2018 approaches, I’ve been thinking a lot about the ways I want to grow my brand. I am in a new city, so I am working to grow my presence here through networking and collaborating with other young women. I’m taking my journey step by step, but the goal is to continue to get my name in the mouths of others to make impact in the fashion industry.”

Lastly, with growth I know I tend to feed off support from others. Having support helps me to remain focused and push passed my limits. Charnae says, “We live in a time where we are very accessible to one another, so it is easy as women to be supportive. You can like the picture, leave a comment, make the call, send a text, have a brunch date, buy the brand! I think we make being supportive hard by feeling we have to do all or it equates to nothing, but I feel every small gesture of support is encouraging and you may be giving that person the lift they needed to get through that day or that time in their life.”

Thanks for sharing your testimony Miss Charnae. FIERCE FAM, please read a little more about Charnae below and be sure to use #FIERCEISSHE for a chance to be featured on slay blog.

Processed with VSCO with  presetName: Charnae Brown

Age: 23

Hobbies: Styling, creative directing, photography, social media content creating, writing, and singing

Education: B.S at East Carolina University in Fashion Merchandising currently pursuing my Master’s degree in Communication at Queens University of Charlotte

Social Media: All usernames are @fashcharnista




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