So, as many of you may know, I have deployed to Poland. On this deployment we are afforded to opportunity to freely explore our area of operation as well as other cities in the country and surrounding areas. Unfortunately, we were conducting training exercises for the first month so I wasn’t able to truly explore until about mid OCT 17. And lordt, was it amazing!! When I tell you the city I live in is so pretty and full of happiness. IT. IS. RIDICULOUS. (lol) And historical Poland landmarks such as Old Town (in every city) bring so much culture to my overall experience in the country. But you know your girl had to do her research before coming here so here is a FACT…majority of Polish people are Caucasian. Like an OVERWHELMING majority (lol).


About 98% of people that live in Poland are Caucasian. So, I guess it is safe to assume that Poles do not see Black/Brown/African people up close and personal here. I decided to record a video highlighting some of things that I have experienced while here in Poland.

  1. People stare at me. (way longer than normal stares)
  2. American’s are spoiled
  3. They are fascinated by my natural hair (one guy got so bold and even touched it)
  4. The cities/country is absolutely beautiful
  5. USD conversion to Zloty is an absolute tease. I will literally go broke out here how cheap shopping is.


This blog post is very short and sweet as I have highlighted all 5 topics listed above in a short 9 min video on my youtube channel. Please go check it out. Either click this hyperlink “BEING BLACK IN POLAND” or click the tab above titled “YT CHANNEL”. Remember FIERCE FAM, FIERCE IS SHE…wears her skin color like a badge of honor!!



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