I find the fiercionistas in Poland so mesmerizing. I do not know how they can make a scarf, hat, jacket, and tights look so fashionable but they all pull ALL THE WAY through honey. In fact, I just recently purchased a cute little beanie with two fur balls on top that I probably would not have otherwise purchased if I did not believe I could rock it just as good as these polish women (lol). Yet, even still I can’t bring myself to get rid of old habits like shopping the traditional stores you find in the U.S. malls. H&M, Forever 21, and Zara are really big hits around these parts but Zora is just a little too rich for blood (lol) so most of this outfit came from H&M

Sweaters are obviously very trendy here in Poland due to the cold weather. I intended to wear this sweater for the New Year but I figured I could be a lot more flashy for 2018 haha. I paired this silver glitter black crew neck sweater with these bombt Fashionova high waisted (p)leather pants. I thought it added a little bit of edge to the shimmer in addition to my all black combat boots.

SN: I can literally where my jacket, scarf, hat, and gloves to a night club with no shame. You know why…because coat rooms are legit in Poland. Thank GOD! Anyway, I digress.

You all know, no outfit is complete without accessories. Now while I am all for a cute a** stud like earring, I am starting to fall back in love with hoops again. I grabbed these diamond rimmed large hoops from Windsor while shopping in Kansas city, KS prior to deployment. But just in case these bad boys started to way me down, I had to have a place to store them. This H&M small black satchel purse paired with this cute glitter cat ear furry accessory was the perfect choice and added so much definition to my OOTD (Outfit of the Day) while exploring the beautiful city of Warsaw, Poland. OhH & I can’t forget to mention that I am rocking FENTY BEAUTY GALONTHEMOON (Holygraphic pink orchid) on my lips 😉 Remember, FIERCE IS SHE with her all purpose black(ness).




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