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Centrum (Old Town) Torun, Poland

2k18 has officially been dubbed ‘Tha Year of MAJOR Moves”. Before 2k17 came to an end, I decided to write my goals down in my journal. I recored a video last year but I feel like me writing it down and recording a video later will hold me more accountable. I have many goals for 2k18 but this post will solely focus on my travel goals.

  1. Live in the moment.
  2. Travel to at least one location (domestic or international) a month.
  3. Take more photos and increase video vlog quality.
  4. Create better memories then the last.
  5. Meet and connect with at least one person in each of location I visit.
  6. Do not forget the souvenirs.


Sometimes, I get so caught up in vlogging or snapping, I delude the moments I am in. For the first time at the end of last year, I decided to recruit a camera person for my Christmas Vlog in Torun (CLICK HERE TO WATCH). This enhanced my vlog and overall experience immensely because the camera person enabled me to just do me. Having a camera person resinated well with GizArmy (my subscribers) too as they gave me many props on the content I presented in the vlog. Nevertheless, I am going to try a couple of different things to help me live my best life but also capture it for the world to see.

I am looking forward to traveling to different locations every month. Deployment has contributed to me visiting many locations throughout Europe that I probably would have never gotten to see otherwise. To include traveling to the Czech Republic and Poland so far.

Lastly, I will elaborate on is creating better memories than the last. Planning my own endeavors and adventures seems to be an obstacle for me. Contributing to my units planning efforts is one of my primary tasks during the work week, so when it comes to my own adventures I tend to slack off with the planning and just go with the flow. So, my theory is that if I increase my planning efforts I will be able to see and experience the best of any location such as historic sites, museums, and restaurants. What do you all think? Any tips to traveling you want to share? If so, leave me a comment under this post.


Remember, FIERCE IS SHE who…worries less and travel more!! 





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