So, by the title you can tell I was on my bougie status while in Prague, Czech Republic. Yes, Czech my passport because your girl is traveling the world (lol). I still can’t believe I brought in the New Year 2k18 in Czech Republic and Prague of all places. The culture here is so diverse for a European country and I was absolutely amazed at how so many places catered to all ethnic groups.

While there, the group of friends I travel with decided to take part in the local night scene. We attended a club called the M1 Lounge the first night. The M1 Lounge is a small lounge with a hip hop and R’N’B esthetic. Now, if you ever traveled to Europe, the venues that play these genres of music are a commodity and very hard to come by. So, just imagine our surprise when we lucked up on the Old Town Pub Crawl for New Years Eve.


The Pub Crawl costs about $140 USD or $2909 Korun or Czechie Monies as my friends and I want to continue to call Czech currency (lol). The $140 gives your full access/no wait in line to two local bars in Old Town, a free shot at each bar, 1 hour open bar at the 1st bar, and free entry and a bottle of champagne to the 5 Story Club called Karlovy Lazne. The absolute best part was walking from bar to bar with the locals. They have so much spirit and are so lively!! I couldn’t have asked for a better time. But just so you have an idea of what I mean by ‘lively’, be sure to check out my NYE Prague Vlog on my channel. Just click the hyperlink!


Moreover, the next day we decided to head into Old Town Prague and check out the local scene when we were less inebriated (lol). We went to the Sex Machine Museum where we observed historical machines made for different sexual experiences. I recommend visiting this place because the amount of effort put into creating these machines in phenomenal. Makes you wonder why we work so hard now a days (lol).


In addition, you know I can’t visit a place and not taste the local food. We attended a Medieval Show at a restaurant called U Paulovy. We paid $1,490 Czechie monies or $70 USD for a 2.5 hr Medieval show and 5 course dinner with unlimited wine and beer. And when I say, UNLIMITED, I mean UNLIMITED!! Like the glasses just kept coming (lol). I also captured these festivities in my New Year’s Day Vlog so be sure to click the hyperlink to Czech It out.


In conclusion, my New Year was great! It went a lot better than I expected being that I am away from home and my family/friends. I want to say thank you to my battle buddies who made this trip so fun and thank you Fierce Fam for bringing in the New Year with me! I hope you stick around for years to come because I foresee this platform growing so much and I really want you all to come along for the journey!

Remember, FIERCE IS SHE…who can spell Prague (hahaha)! 



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