The opportunity to travel while I was deployed to Europe was immensely frequent. I took advantage of almost every opportunity to visit a new area/city. Let me just go ahead and dropped this list so ya’ll can really understand that I have been “booked and busy” (lol)



  1. Torun
  2. Warsaw
  3. Zagan
  4. Zakopane
  5. Wroclaw
  6. Lotz


  1. Amberg
  2. Nuremberg
  3. Regensberg
  4. Frankfurt
  5. Munich
  6. Berlin

Czech Republic:

  1. Prague

Okkkkaaayyy, thirteen (13) cities!!! Your girl was trying to see the world in her eight (8) months abroad. And I must say I am very proud of the travel strides I have made. Lol even my friends and family said, “girl you are on vacation not a deployment.” Uh, I beg to differ honey. While I may have been traveling, I lacked so many things I took for granted from back home like phone services, privacy, hair products, shopping, etc. So, let’s just say your girl is back to be back state side. Nevertheless, I have some traveling suggestions/recommendations that I would like to share with you as it relates to traveling but specifically, traveling in Europe. LET’S GET INTO It!

  1. Transportation.
  • Plane. If you are flying somewhere use the European Airlines. Why? They are way cheaper. RyanAir is a pretty good one but your dates will need to be flexible.
  • Rental Car. If you are traveling somewhere between 2-4 hours and staying the weekend (with a group), rent a vehicle. Renting a vehicle is cheaper (from the rental place we used) especially splitting gas and rental cost with the group. And now you also have a solid way, besides walking, to get around the city or outer areas if you so choose.
  • Very affordable for more local trips. Cost me like 11 Euro round trip to take a train from Vilsek-Nuremberg inner city.
  1. Baggage. Try to limit the amount of baggage you bring on your weekend excursions. I only needed one small bag (tote) and a backpack when traveling, especially on train. Honestly, I never thought I could travel without at least 3 bags (clothes, shoes, laptop) but traveling in Europe while deployed has taught me about packing the essentials (lol). Get into it!!
  2. Money. Know your country’s conversion rates and be sure to take out plenty of cash from the ATM. Majority of all places only take cash. However, many do take card but just so you don’t have to run around looking for an ATM, get cash prior to traveling. Doing so will save you a lot of time. TRUST ME.fullsizeoutput_2029
  3. Group Travel. Try to travel with a group (1 to 3 people tops). To many people can make planning and finding accommodations really hectic. But just enough can save you and your friends a lot of money and make the trip that much more fun.
  4. Research. Do some research on the city/area you are traveling to. Plenty of time I went to a city and had no idea there was something historic there that I could have learned seen. You never want to miss those opportunities

I hope these five (5) suggestions/ recommendations facilitate your 1st or next European adventure. Be sure to stop back and check some more of my travel tips and other relate blog posts and comment below any of your suggestions for the rest of the FIERCE FAM!


Remember, FIERCE IS SHE…who takes advantage of all opportunities the 1st go around. 





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