growth /groTH/ – the process of developing or maturing physically, mentally, or spiritually

-google dictionary


I often refer to myself as “grown” or catch myself saying “I’m grown” (in my sassy voice) when responding to situations in which I feel demeaned or treated like a child. However, I hadn’t really pondered on what it actually means to be “grown”, as we used to hear our parents say, and if I was able to handle everything being “grown” conveys. 

In my opinion, being grown means a the following:

  • Paying your own bills (you know that what momma used to say when you got to slamming/locking doors or running the faucet water for too long)
  • Living on your own (not cohabiting with your parents or guardians)
  • Making decisions (about relationships, friendships, career choices, etc)
  • Articulating your thoughts (expressing your feelings to whomever you feel needs to hear them)

I think one and two are pretty common factors when it comes to being “grown” or “adulting” as some would say. So, I’ll elaborate more on factors three and four. 

Making decisions about who you want in your life, where you want to spend your time, and what you want to do to earn a living are very valuable to say the least. Being grown means being able to decide on not only what you want in your future but who.

Growing up, you think the family and/or friends you grew up with or have known for an extended period of time, will forever be in your life. But that is 9 times out of 10…not the case. Madea (aka Tyler Perry) said it best, “Some people are seasonal. There only here to teach you a lesson.” Being grown and growing means learning who is supposed to be in your life for a lifetime or a season.

So, always be sure to honor those who SHOW you their worth and appreciate those who add value to your life. Those that add value to your life, tend to contribute substances that feed your soul. 

Thoughts that were often bottled up in your head become easier to release as you experience life and different things. Growing is sharing your knowledge and expanding your scope with no ill intent. You begin to understand that your pace is yours and yours alone and the only person who can stop you is YOU. SPEAK IT INTO EXISTENCE!!

Remember, FIERCE IS SHE when she grows from the roots and blossoms leaves. 




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