I find myself always fighting the urge to give into the different rhythm my heart beats when someone new enters my life. I often talk myself out of what could be a blessing due to the fear of damaging what used to be a perfectly healthy organ. I can’t help but to succumb to this behavior because I let so much toxic blood poison my system. However, I failed to realize that our bodies, my body, is ever so powerful.

I can feel the worst of pain but ultimately, my body, mind, and spirit will heal and I will be a better, wiser, and stronger human being because of it.

I hate that we have to experience negative situations in our lives in order to learn much needed lessons. I almost hate to say that as much as I hate to say that, those experiences are necessary for us to grow and become better people.img_7440.jpg

The people we love are often the people who tend to hurt us the worse. Primarily because those who love us generally know us very well and act accordingly based off of that sole knowledge. So, when those people bruise us, we have extensive trouble letting others, probably more qualified, people into our sacred space. That space being our hearts.

I feel like our hearts are made up of so many different and unique compartments. Every individual has compartments that are exclusive to their particular heart. For example, one compartment I have in my heart is trust. I may be able to trust certain people with a slew of different things, but I will only trust that one special person with the key to unlock the trust in my heart.

Only one key can open each heart compartment and seemingly only one person has that specific key. That person some people might refer to as your soul mate.

Notice I said soul mate not sole (SOLE) mate. I emphasis this because people think that we are only meant to love or be with one person in this lifetime and I couldn’t disagree more. Their are too many beautiful people in this world for me to believe that while I may love someone presently but if that doesn’t work out, I will never find that kind of love again…so I settle. NEVER. I refuse to believe that and I am demanding you rebuke that belief as well.

94859EF4-81DA-4E34-B568-B8C5222119DBOur hearts are such tough and resilient organs. We can allow experiences to attack at our heart strings in the hopes that we will learn from those experiences and that our strings intertwine again. I am hear to tell you that, you can and they will.

Don’t be afraid to take risks when it comes to this life you live and love that spreads throughout it. I can promise you, the pain is only temporary and your heart couldn’t be more strong…strong enough to bear the pain and put itself all back together again.

Remember FIERCE FAM, FIERCE IS SHE who forces her hurt to heal a heart unguarded.



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