“Either we R I S E together or you F A L L alone. I refuse to let anyone reduce me in value. I AM SOMEBODY. not anybody (.)” -LL


I cried on my trip to L.A. I had just gotten up, all puffy eyed and bushy tailed. I needed to start getting dressed for the photo shoot I was headed to in a couple of hours. But as I began to undress, I started to think about the person I believe others see me as. I slowly began to describe myself with words such as confident, outgoing, genuine, loving, funny, smart, and the list goes on. And after hearing myself, I concluded that while I am not perfect, I am a good person. Even so, I couldn’t understand why sometimes, the people I care about the most, hurt me so. And that is when the tears spilled down my cheeks

I hadn’t cried for myself in a little while (crying over scenes in movies doesn’t count, lol) and I found after letting it out, it was just the release I needed. And of course, my elongated shower helped me to clear my thoughts as well. So, here is what I concluded:

We often times talk about other disappointing us because we expect so much from those people we care about the most. And those unmet expectations more often than not are what lead to our most hurt feelings. Hurt feelings can lead to self doubt, discouragement, and a slew of other feelings that have us blaming ourselves. So when you get to that point where you start to place the blame on yourself for allowing your emotions cloud your journey, I want you to ask yourself a few questions: 

  1. What do you expect from yourself? 
  2. What standards do you hold yourself to? 
  3. Can I expect others to hold me to that same standard?
  4. Am I disciplined enough to defend MYSELF if my WORTH boundaries are crossed by others? 

E561C35E-8403-48D4-AC23-8C9059C7B621If you don’t like your answer, do something to about it. If you want to travel another route, acquire anything less or more on the way, YOU have the ability to make the change! YOU ARE DRIVER ON THIS JOURNEY TO SELF.

We have to dig deep within ourselves to find those characteristics that are least attractive…TO US! NOT THEM BUT US. And either embrace or change them. FINDING YOUR WORTH IS UNDERSTANDING AND LOCATING YOURSELF! People can only do to you what YOU let them do. So, it is up to you to possess the strength and courage to stand up for what you believe with NO REGRETS. At which point you will begin to recognize WHAT your deserve, WHO you deserve, and most importantly WHO deserves you.

REMEMBER, FIERCE IS SHE…who will not sacrifice her journey at the expense of others. 



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