Understanding that I will probably never fully know myself is a hard pill to swallow. But its easier to bare knowing that I am continuously being influenced which in turn breeds change. If you know at least 85% of yourself, I say you are doing a damn good job of discovering you and loving you.

So, let me just tell you a few things I know about myself at the moment.

To know me, is to know all of me. Ainā€™t know half stepping.Ā 

Whatever I expect of you, is what you should expect from me. I will NEVER ask anything of you that I would not do myself.Ā 

I am always open to hear your feelings and advice. But remember, itā€™s often times not what you say but how you say it. So, come correct.Ā 

My candidness is real. So, I expect to get what I give. Be direct and say what you mean. I canā€™t read your mind so donā€™t harbor your feelings.Ā 

Doing something three times (to me) equals a habit. Before then, the benefit of the doubt is given to you but after thatā€¦we are going to have to discuss the issue love. PERIODT.Ā 

With that being said, you notice many of the points I made about myself have to do with my interactions with people. Why? Because PEOPLE shape who were are and what we become. We are influenced by so many people and what we choose to grasp is completely up to us. While it takes a strong mind and unlimted willpower, you are more that capable of deciding who you want to be.Ā 

Many variables contribute to the growth of a flower. Sunlight, water, soil, and of course the seed.Ā  But as you know, no one flower grows the same way. They may be the same type of flower but they grew up differently. The concept is the same with people.Ā 

You know how the United States is known as the “Melting Pot” because so many different people and cultures live here. Well I believe people are melting pots too except we take bits and pieces from people who influence us. Those pieces eventually build our character thus shaping and molding us into the people we are today.

So, to fully blossom essentially means that we should observe and absorb what we learn from others with the hopes we grow into something as magnificent as say a sunfloweršŸŒ».

With that, never stop growing and encouraging others to grow. You never know what amazing things lye ahead after you have fully blossomed.Ā 

Remember, FIERCE IS SHE whose growth stem someone BEAUTIFUL!







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