We all see celebrities and influencers on social media in all sorts of cute outfits, rocking different hairstyles, eating unique foods, and traveling to exotic places. So, I know I am not the only one who thinks “that could be one day?” Trying and experiencing different things, meeting new people, and embracing difference cultures. However, I am not naive enough to know that I have to start small or at least from somewhere. So, why not try a new hairstyle, rock a sexy colored dress that I rarely wear, and go somewhere I have never been before. So, I thought my 26th birthday would be the perfect opportunity to “LIVE IT UP!’

Les* start with my birthday hairstyle. I didn’t quite know what “different” I was looking for. All I knew is I wanted a short cut and color. Oh, and that it had to be a wig! (Trying to cut back on the braids for a while). In search of a new hair style, I took to Instagram and Pinterest. I follow Rasheeda on IG and noticed a post of her in beautiful blonde with brown roots curled blunt short cut. I was in awe and in love with her and her wig selection. I could see myself coming through in this hairstyle honey so I decided to have the wig made. But if you could only guess my reaction once the wig was installed. HUMPH. I HATED IT. 


It was cut just a little too short for my liking and I just didn’t like the way it laid on my head at first. Nothing against the stylist. She did a bomb ass job. I just wasn’t used to the change. I had been rocking my brown/black wigs for the longest time due to my job, so a pop of color shocked the hell out of me you know.

However, after waking up the next morning, doing my eyebrows, throwing on some eyelashes, and re-curling my hair…I thought I was the littest bi*** (excuse my french). HA, yea girl was a blonde black diva headed to the one and only LAS VEGAS, NEVADA for her 26th birthday celebration! 

LAS VEGAS was nothing short of AMAZING! I lost $360 gambling, was chocolate wasted everyday, and I met some of the most LIT people ever while in the city. { S/o to Tae, For, and Nina for making my bday celebration one for the books}. But it didn’t start off amazing at all. Let me explain.

I booked our accommodations at the MGM through AirBNB to save a little money on resort fees and what not. Cool. We arrive at MGM from airport about 3-4 hours prior to check in so we decided to just head to PLANET HOLLYWOOD, grab food, look for my birthday dress, shop for makeup, and what have you, until time for check in. Around 5pm we come back to MGM for check in only to find out our reservation was cancelled. CANCELLED! I was like WOW but honestly I was not surprised. it just seemed to much like right for everything to go right you know (lol).


We are in the lobby now for two hours waiting for AirBNB to find us another place to stay. They NEVER DID! We had to request a refund and we ended up booking at BALLY’s HOTEL & CASINO. Even through the wait and inconvenience it all ended up working out. We were closer to the strip, the room had double beds, and we were located right across the street from the hottest night club in Las Vegas, Drais Beach & Night Club. 

I explained all that to expressed this, change is inevitable and somethings are just out of your control. Already, I had a back up wig on deck, just in case I didn’t like my new hairstyle and I already low-key expected something about the reservation to be messed up b/c communication prior to my arrival was a little sketchy. So, I was able prepared myself as much as possible and that allowed me to keep my peace in the mist of those changes. 

These are just the little life changes that people run into on a daily. Start here. Take baby steps with your processes, any process. Whether that be trying a different color nail polish or moving to a brand new city. Find the strength and courage in you to not only attempt to change but to accept the change as well. 

Remember, FIERCE IS SHE…whose OUT OF CONTROL circumstances ignites the courage to change.



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