Wow! First blog post of the year and I am only writing it because FIERCE IS SHE (slay blog) turns two years old today! I wasn’t able to celebrate last year because I was deployed and honestly didn’t have the means to create even semi-quality content! But this year, I was able to at least get a picture to share with some of the closest people I have to family—FIERCE FAM! So, if you are new to the family, then I just want to take a moment to explain my platform’s purpose and where I see FIERCE IS SHE in the future.

            Fierce is SHE is a platform focused on encouraging women, particularly women of color, to be comfortable in their skin.

I want to facilitate women by openly and honestly sharing my experiences and those of other inspirational women. I aspire to see more women, that resemble me, succeed and own every bit of who the f*** they are (as my girl Vanessa from #SelfishBabes would say). Because I found, through sharing my experiences, that we feel like we are suffering…in silence and alone. When in fact, tons of people struggle with some of the many things that society has deemed less than for women (of color) like hair texture, pigmentation variances, and body shape. All of which WE should strive to disprove! Our looks should not define our capabilities and that is a point I strive to make when interacting with women on a daily basis.


Nonetheless, I want my platform to grow and reach so many more people. So, I have decided to create some self-love, inspirational, and “future is female” merchandise and events that I hope flourishes by the end of 2019. I am going to keep the details details to myself but be sure to engage with the family because you will not want to miss it.

With that, we are beautiful in every single way and celebrating my blogs two year anniversary, with over 1.5 followers of FIERCE IS SHE, is a true blessing. So, I want to thank all of you for your unwavering support and I am so glad you decided to take this ride with me!


Remember, FIERCE IS SHE who celebrates her every FLAW…EVERYDAY!




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