between managing work, your brand/hobbies, and time for self

Recently, I was asked to do a “Leading Ladies” Interview discussing my love for creating and how I got started. I was asked “how do I balance working in the Army full time and content creating?” As I pondered the question, I realized that I hadn’t quite mastered the balance yet but I did recognized that I needed to. So, my answer was pretty simple…I was experimenting with finding the ultimate solution to balancing my lifestyle. 

SN: If you would like to watch the full interview where I discuss my life growth since 2016, helpful tips to getting started in the creator world, and what I feel like aspiring creators should know, click here and join the group. Super beneficial! 

Anyway, the first step I took towards creating a plan to help balance work, managing my socials, and taking care of self was 1. Identifying my limitations. 


  • Essentially, weekends are dedicate to creating beauty content b/c I work most hours of the week
  • Time for self is paramount. (mediation, movies, relaxation, just doing what I want)
  • Black Girls Travel Too. I love to travel but I have to plan travel in advance due to my occupation and our specified leave times.

Next,  I need to determine what resources/time I need to accomplish my goals (managing my lifestyle). 


  • Dedicate time to editing my pictures and videos
  • Schedule my content and schedule my photo shoots in advance
  • Cross analyze my long range training calendar w/ my creator obligations to ensure no overlap. 
  • Determine how much time I need for self, travel, work, content creating
  • I have all the electronic equipment I desire to create the content I need to right now (computer, camera, editing software, etc)

Lastly, with resources and limitations in mind I can now begin to formulate courses of action that I believe will work for my problem which is “finding my balance.”


I will utilize weekends for recording/creating video and photo content primarily. Meaning I can record, take pictures, schedule photo shoots, schedule my content and upload content on the weekends. While the weekdays (after work) are used for answering or sending emails, editing my photos and videos, engaging with my socials, etc. 

But WAIT! What about leisure time. No worries, I didn’t forget about my time y’all! CAUSE LES NEEDS HER TIME TO LOVE ON HERSELF AND DO MORE OF WHAT SHE LOVES. So, I decided to also dedicate certain weekends for certain activities. 

For example, let’s say there is 4 weekends in a month. I’ll used 1 weekend for travel, 2 weekends for creating content (dedicated), and 1 weekend for self care. Now this is not to say sometimes these activities won’t overlap. For instance, when I travel, I enjoy taking pictures and video. With that in mind, I can use those pictures or videos as potential content for my YouTube, Blog, or IG. Do you see what I mean? Then I can possibly dedicate a previously planned creator weekend to something else? Like maybe have two self care weekends instead of one. I hope that makes sense lol. 

In summary, my way creating balance for what you have to do and what you love to do is simple: identify your limitations and resources, formulate courses of actions, and execute. We aren’t perfect and our plans can always be adjusted. 

I hope this helps you all! I will try to follow up and let you all know how this worked for me. Take care Fierce Fam. 

Remember, FIERCE IS SHE who does what she has to so she can do what she wants to 😉



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