means at the world to me and beyond.

What do I mean when I say “they showed up for me”? I mean even if we do not talk regularly via phone call or text message, that person…those people go out of their way to extend the most heartfelt support. They do this by: sharing a post about your accomplishment(s), sending an inspiration message expressing their admiration but mainly, just overall acknowledging your grind and encouraging you to continue to reach for the stars because they can envision you becoming one. THAT is SHOWING up, even when you are physically in that person’s presence.

I had so many people show up for me for what may seem so trivial to some but huge to others…my APARTMENT WARMING. I invited a select few people, hell maybe about 100 or so people directly and indirectly, but only 20 people were able to make it. Figures, you know people got lives they are trying to live too but hey it is what it is.

Nonetheless, I had 20 people RSVP who thought enough of me to atleast do that and or acknowledge this milestone that I wanted them to truly be apart of. Yet, when the moment came, for a brief 10 minutes, I got frustrated. I was at my own party and started thinking about who wasn’t here so I pulled my phone out and started typing out my annoyances. And as I was typing I began to realize the energy I was giving exuding. People at my party began to notice and after a couple people asked me what was wrong and me not being able to fully answer, I realized quickly how UNGRATEFUL I was being. 

“BIH YOU LITERALLY HAVE 30+ PEOPLE (now guests of guests lol) in your apartment who could have moved heaven and earth to be here for you and you sitting here pouting about the “who should’ve been” here and some people’s lack of attention. Like y’all, a bih had to check herself for real and to even be able to do that, made me realize that I’ve come a long ass way!

Never forget who “showed up” for you especially when your chips were down. Those are the people you keep around. Release the rest…trust me. Makes for a lot less furniture to move out this apartment once I BUY MY HOUSE! Later FIERCE FAM and Remember, FIERCE IS SHE…who will never forget who “who showed up” for her.



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