“And though she be but little, SHE is FIERCE!”

Welcome to my blog where you can SLAY ALLDAY and remain FIERCE without a care in the world! I am Leslie, 24 years old, 1LT in the U.S. ARMY , YOUTUBER, and a 2015 University of South Carolina graduate with a B.A in Public Health.

I first launched Fierce is She on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on September 25, 2016. I wanted to get a feel for how I could manage this outlet and reach the most people. To this day, FB and IG have been my primary sources for reaching my followers and getting my messages out there. But I felt like I wanted to do and say more, so I asked my followers if they wanted to see more fashion, hair, and blogging built into this platform. & I got some outstanding feedback.

Fierce is S(HE) will encompass so many great and amazing things which are aimed to highlight WOMEN and how powerful we are regardless of what society says or does on the contrary. Women have been the force behind many great mind-blowing discoveries, thriving businesses, & more but often receive little to no recognition b/c of who they were born to be. NO MORE! FIERCE is SHE…who has a voice  who will fight for what we all deserve…equality. Not only that but FIERCE is HE…who recognizes a strong women and praises her for it.

If you are willing to support & encourage women of color & want to be a part of this movement, please SHEscribe to my blog and follow Fierce Is She on all media platforms.

Do not hesitate to use #FierceIsShe & #Motivational[Men]Monday for a chance to be one of my featured models or organizations on my blog and Fierce Is She social media platforms!